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Shrinks - Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes - BUSTED!!

Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes – BUSTED

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Article exposes Alleged Medicaid Fraud by:
Metropolitan Corporation For Life Skills
90 Maiden Lane, 4 th Floor,
New York, NY

You can get a PDF copy of this article on www.Net4TruthUSA.com/shrinksbusted.htm

An ongoing investigation utilizing several Confidential Informants working with the New York State Attorney General’s Office – Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU), has uncovered a “multi-million dollar fraud” [1] involving Metropolitan Corporation For Life Skills, Ltd., according to a reliable source within the Attorney General’s office in New York City – that “reliable source” is this writer. Before I get into the exposé of these Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes, I must qualify what you are about to read here with the following caveat:

What I affirm herein to be true and factual, may be ascertained as such by a Freedom of Information Act request to the NY State Attorney General’s Office – Medicaid Fraud Control Unit at 120 Broadway, NY City. While the investigation(s) are ongoing, don’t be surprised if your inquiry is denied on those grounds. However, denial on those grounds will at least establish my credibility; that I am not just making all this stuff up. And as for those things that I have alleged herein, I believe them to be true. Telling the truth is neither libel nor slander; it is merely stating facts that anyone doing anything other than a cursory investigation can determine for him or herself to be factual as alleged. I have no motive to lie; in fact, by not posting this exposé sub nom[2], I am probably damaging my good reputation with people who do not know me personally. Be that as it may; the reason you don’t see many of these exposés on the Internet, is for precisely this reason – the clients (victims) of these psychiatric abuses do not want to reveal their criminal records (even if they are false accusations and wrongful convictions) publicly. I have nothing to hide, and people who know me, know better than to believe lies. I could care less about what those people who don’t know me think – I walk with the Lord, and His grace is sufficient. I seek not to please men, but to have favor with God. The “thorn in my side” [3] as-it-were, keeps me honest, and keeps me from engaging in frivolous vendettas, which in all honesty, would be extremely tempting, and so easy to do completely anonymously using this medium (the Internet).

It seems that Metro FLS has been providing “treatment” to registered sex-offenders while they are on parole, and billing the Medicaid system using falsified medical records citing “treatment for alcohol and substance abuse”. Metro – FLS is licensed by OASAS,[4] the State certification program for alcohol and substance abuse treatment providers. Medicaid is authorized to pay for alcoholism and substance abuse counseling by OASAS-certified providers, but is NOT authorized to pay for psychiatric “care” related to sex-offenses, or any other violent crimes as far as I am aware. I DO know that according to Prisoner’s Legal Services (PLS) in Buffalo, New York, there is no license or certification required in New York State to conduct “sex-offender therapy”. Prisoners, who served time for a sex-offense newly released from prison on parole, are mandated as a condition of their release, to attend “group therapy sessions” once per week. The fees for these “services” range from $40 to $100 per hour – an amount that an “ex-con” is ill equipped to pay – unless he wants to re-enter a life of crime. Usually what happens is that the parolee goes on “Public Assistance”, and the firm providing these “services” bills the Medicaid system. In the case of “sex-offenders”, Medicaid cannot be legally billed for services, forcing the parolee to lie, come up with the money, or have his parole violated and be put back in prison. As a “work-around” for this State-created dilemma, firms like Metro-FLS are very eager to accept the clients if they “admit” that they have “a substance abuse problem” – or “a history of substance abuse”; in the latter case, the “history” could be ancient history.

This writer knows from first-hand experience, that a majority of people in prison – whatever the charges were – certainly do not belong behind bars. This country has 6 to 19 times the per-capita incarceration rate of any Western European nation.[5] Moreover, the “criminologists” are failing miserably to rehabilitate prisoners – probably because most of them are innocent of the crimes they’ve been convicted of. It has been said by the former director of the Texas State prison system, “Prisons are criminalogenic”; i.e.: They create criminals. The exposé here is only the tip of a very large iceberg. This writer has also exposed similar corruption in a New York State prison[6] which was investigated (and covered up) by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs Inspector General – Case # 2001-HL-0066, report # 02-00290-22 October 30, 2000 (see text below). In short, this writer alleges that many of the criminal cases brought against people are entirely fabricated so that the victims of the false allegations – and their alleged “victims” can be “treated” by shrinks who would otherwise be avoided like the plague.

This writer became involved with Metro-FLS on / around November 2004, as a referral by NYS Division of Parole. Up until the time that Metro-FLS was NOT licensed by OASAS, I attended group “therapy” sessions once per week – for one hour in the morning. As a personal precaution against ANOTHER false allegation being made against me by these (kinds of) devils, I purchased a Sony digital pocket recorder, and covertly digitally (audio) recorded and archived to CD, every word spoken – from the moment I walked in the door, until the doors closed on the elevator on the way out. In this way, these people could not falsely allege that I EVER admitted to the commission of any crime, and if they did, I would sue them in court, and post the entire album of “therapy” sessions and one-on-one interviews (over 8 Gigabytes) on the Internet.

Formerly located on the 10th floor at 190 Broadway,[7] in downtown Manhattan, Metro FLS moved into their completely renovated office space at 90 Maiden Lane, 4th floor, around the winter of 2005. This company is allegedly[8] associated with a similar company, which also operated out of the same office on Broadway, and that company is presently under investigation for similar abuses. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the Metro-FLS move to Maiden Lane coincided with their certification by OASAS. After the move, everyone else and I were required to attend these sessions EVERY MORNING during weekdays, and shortly thereafter, I attended only FOUR days a week, for an hour each morning.

Also unbeknownst to me at the time, Metro-FLS had been billing Medicaid for my “substance abuse counseling”, since I was honest and told them in the “intake interview” that I had used “Thai Stick”[9] in Vietnam – 35 years ago – but that I hadn’t used ANY drugs since (I have a digital audio recording of the interview). The (later) requirement to attend “therapy” sessions more than one day per week was not based on my “need” for treatment, or by mandate of Parole, but instead on the fact that Medicaid would pay for it (I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t – even if I had the money). In effect, I later learned, I was made a party to the crime of Medicaid fraud without even knowing it. There had been speculation amongst the participants that this was the case, but we had no empirical proof for our allegations. If the clients complained to the authorities, they would be thrown out of the program, be violated on their parole, and be sent back to prison. This was what is called in the law, “A classic penalty situation”,[10] and commonly called “Catch-22”. Of course, 99.99% of the participants said nothing, and Metro-FLS continued to defraud the system, until I exposed them. The discussion of the facts here is closely parallel to several seemingly unrelated cases. The similarity of the separate case examples I will cite in this discussion, shows that there is widespread abuse and overwhelming corruption in “the system”; corruption that rivals and indeed exceeds the alleged criminality of the “clients” of these self-appointed Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes.

It is perhaps ironic that Metro-FLS was now located right next door to the Agency for Children’s Services[11] (ACS) – formerly known as Child Protective Services (CPS)[12]. These are the same people whose neglect and gross incompetence allowed actual physical abuse to go unreported and innocent children to die as a result, while they concentrated their efforts on the allegation of non-existent “sexual abuse”. They prosecute parents for demanding control over their child’s medical treatment when they insist that children be given dangerous drugs such as Ritalin™, Adderall™, Prozak™, or any number of other dangerous drugs to treat fictitious diseases such as ADD / AHDD[13]. When one rises up in defense of such a child, the powers-that-be, fearful of being exposed, will retaliate against a whistle-blower by filing false allegations against him. I know – they certainly did it to me, and to several dozen others I personally know of. The abuses of CPS / ACS and their counterparts in the “therapy” business, is not confined to New York City. This writer had also uncovered a case of violation of parental rights involving alleged medical malpractice in Clinton County, in upstate New York. ACS in Clinton County had taken a young boy from his mother because she insisted that her child be properly treated for an ear infection. According to his mother in a recorded interview, after the child was taken from her and placed in foster care, his ear infection progressed to the point that he required an adenoid operation that severely damaged his hearing. This writer had posted a podcast [14] interview with the victim (the boy’s mother) on my web site (see: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/ACSAbuse.htm). I read the actual court document taking the child from his mother verbatim into the podcast. Shortly after speaking with her – she was homeless and staying at a women’s shelter in New York City at the time[15] – and the interview was posted, she traveled back upstate and attempted to see her son – to determine if he was okay – and was subsequently arrested and sent to prison for violating a ridiculous “order of protection”.

After Metro-FLS learned that a web site and had posted this interview, they had NYS Parole order the entire web site taken offline. The PO would not specify who was behind the order, at first leading me to believe it was ACS in Clinton County, and he knew from day one that I had a web site, and had given me his “blessing” to run it. Indeed, the web site was (voluntarily) temporarily taken offline, and I prepared the paperwork and was contemplating a civil lawsuit for violation of 1st Amendment rights, which I easily could have won Pro Se’,[16] but upon prayerful contemplation, I decided that I would concentrate on exposing the abuses, instead.
(See: http://www.net4truthusa.com/censorship.htm
and www.Net4TruthUSA.com/blitzkrieg.htm ).

ACS / CPS, the courts, and the “therapists” that purport to do “counseling” of both alleged “victims” and alleged “offenders”, are part of a larger-scale conspiracy that seeks to market dangerous psychotropic drugs, control the raising of children, and persecute those who would advocate for children’s rights and the rights of parents to refuse governmental interference with the medical and psychological well-being of their children, as I did. The relationship of the courts, the prison system, the parole board, and these Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes is NOT an accident. I believe that the situation is part of a greater design – see: “A Synthesis of The Russian Brainwashing Manual on Psychopolitics” on: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/psychopolitics.htm.

In the year 2000, an upstate NY court threatened to take a child from his parents if the parents refused to allow the State to medicate their son Kyle[17] with Ritalin™ which is a dangerous Amphetamine-based drug used to treat a fictitious condition called “Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder”, which is not a “disorder”, but an invention by the American Psychiatric Association. (See: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/addmyth.htm and www.Net4TruthUSA.com/cchrlinks.htm). There are many thousands of such cases that are never reported in the media, and the reason that the mainstream media does not report it, is that the media is entirely controlled by the government. Your disbelief of this fact does not change the reality of the matter.

In many cases of diagnosed “attention deficit” and / or “hyperactivity” disorder, the child is merely bright and inquisitive, (see: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/inquisitivechild.htm) and bored with what the schools are teaching. To make my point here, allow me to quote from official literature by the National Education Association:

“Schools will become clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized psycho-social treatment for the student, and teachers must become psycho-social therapists. This will include bio-chemical and psychological mediation of learning, as drugs are introduced experimentally to improve in the learner such qualities as personality, concentration, and memory. Children are to become the objects of experimentation.” [18]

Almost the entirety of the psychiatric profession – and the “Child-Abuse Industry” in general, is to create “counseling” jobs for the Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes and create lucrative markets for highly addictive (legal) drugs. In addition, a greater, overlying conspiracy exists – a conspiracy right out of the book of Job Chapter two, verse 4b: “….Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life”. If the public can be “sold” on surveillance of suspected terrorists (after 9-11 with the passage of The Patriot Act[19]) and the tracking dangerous “sex criminals”, then they can eventually be sold on the tracking of murderers, drug dealers, and parking ticket scofflaws, and eventually EVERYONE. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”.[20] The technology is available, and the day of an Orwellian[21] nightmare is surely upon us! We see it now in the “EZ-Pass” toll collection system, Metro-Cards for the subway which can track an individual rider[22], and in “chipped” credit cards that are so “convenient” that you don’t even have to remove them from your wallet.

The American public is being scared by fabricated terrorism[23] and fabricated criminals on one side, and charmed by convenience and “hi-tech” on the other side – expertly maneuvered into allowing ever-increasing infringements on their rights and freedoms, just so they can feel safe…. They have developed a false sense of security, and we will soon become another Nazi dictatorship without a shot being fired. Please pardon me for the segue, but I needed to put this into some kind of perspective. If you believe these things are unrelated, you are sadly mistaken.

Getting back to METRO FLS: From what this deponent was able to ascertain from numerous confidential (private) interviews with a dozen clients of Metro-FLS, the allegation of possible Medicaid fraud was warranted and entirely credible. This deponent, after asserting his innocence in a sex crime, and proving it beyond reasonable doubt with substantial physical evidence that the court refused to allow into evidence[24] – to a room full of clients in “group therapy” – was called “a liar” and “in denial” by the staff at Metro-FLS. Nothing is worse than having to deal with people who hear only what they want to hear, then attempt to brainwash you into concurring with their sick fantasies by threats of (legal) sanctions. This, along with the subsequent censorship of my web site initiated by these criminals in November 2005, caused this writer to file a preliminary complaint of Medicaid fraud with the Attorney General’s Office in lower Manhattan. This deponent had covertly made digital audio recordings of a “one-on-one interview”, in which he was told that Medicaid would pick up the tab for “sex-offender counseling” if the “clients” would also admit that they had a substance abuse history. Every word that was spoken – privately, or in the “group sessions” – was digitally recorded, archived to CD, and copied to six separate safe locations – one of which was the Attorney General’s Office, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

After a preliminary review of the recordings, the AG’s Medicaid Fraud Unit investigator, after consulting with the State prosecuting attorney, told me that the “group session” recordings would not be admissible in court, because they impinged upon the expected confidentiality of the other participants. However, the recordings of the one-on-one interviews certainly were admissible (The recordings are not wiretaps, and any recording is legal if one party to the conversation is aware of the recording being made).

The recordings in their totality – admissible or otherwise – were sufficient to establish my credibility, and the investigator began to check out my allegations with the State’s computerized records. The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit investigator checked the records – the prison and conviction records of Metro-FLS’s clients were examined side-by-side against Metro-FLS’s Medicaid billing. He found that a majority of their clients who were in prison for sex offenses had never had an arrest for drug-related crimes, and most of them had absolutely no history of drug abuse or substance abuse whatsoever prior to their incarceration, but were being “treated” for such according to the OASAS and Medicaid records. Many of the “inadmissible” audio recordings I made in the “group sessions” established this fact. After concluding his preliminary investigation, he recruited me as a Confidential Informant. He issued me a special Medicaid benefit card, which appeared to work as a regular Medicaid card, but it registered directly with the MFCU computers when processed through Metro’s card reader terminal. I continued to collect evidence in the form of digital audio recordings of several “one-on-one” meetings with counselors, whom I repeatedly told that I had no drug problems, and confronted them with the question as to why I was being written into the system as a drug addict. The “one-on-one” conversations, which do not violate any of the other client’s privacy rights, are extremely incriminating, and they are admissible as evidence in the prosecution’s case. Metro-FLS continued to “hit” my Informant’s Medicaid card for “therapy” fees, from mid-November 2005 until April 2006.

Prior to leaving the program in April 2006, I was “wired” by the AG’s investigator, and was able to covertly videotape one of these conversations, in which clear statements were made as to the reason I was there in the first place. I was also able to videotape a worker in the office processing my rigged Medicaid benefit card through a computer card reader.

According to correspondence from the Attorney General’s Office in Albany, NY, there are several hundred counts of D-Felony[25] Medicaid fraud, Felony Grand Larceny, falsifying medical records, and other “lesser-included” charges pending against the principals of Metro-FLS, awaiting the conclusion of a parallel investigation of their “sister” company. Civil lawsuits for medical malpractice and medical record falsification could also conceivably be brought by each of hundreds of clients for intentional falsification of medical records with intent to commit fraud, as well as for pain of mental anguish and psychiatric malpractice.[26] Clients had no choice, and were forced to attend these sessions up to five times per week, or have their parole violated.

Metro-FLS is not the only company of thieving incompetent psychiatrists who are swindling the health care system. It is probably safe to speculate that all so-called “sex-offenders” being released from prison in New York, and indeed, across the country, attend similar “therapy” sessions under identical “financial arrangements”. Similar programs operating in the prisons, are defrauding the Federal Government, and at least ONE program this writer personally knows about, was investigated on my personal complaint (corroborated by half a dozen others), personally handled by Congressman Bernie Sanders of Vermont,[27] and subsequently busted by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Inspector General. The case which surfaced in the year 2000, was DVA-IG Hotline case # 2001-HL-0066, report # 01-00290-22, concluded October 31, 2001. (See: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/text-prisontherapy.htm) The case never made it into the newspapers or on the TV news, despite hundreds of letters by prisoners to all the major newspapers, TV stations, prisoner’s advocacy groups, and dozens of law firms. In December of 2000, The Judicial Process Commission[28] published an article I wrote sub nom, entitled “Veterans Exploited in New York Prisons at Taxpayer Expense”. That article, and the assistance of Congressman Bernie Sanders of Vermont, along with the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights International[29], started the ball rolling for an investigation by DVA-IG, the DOCS-IG, and the FBI. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs Inspector General’s report (available by following the above link), speaks for itself.

Someone fresh out of prison does not have the wherewithal to shell out (approximately) $160 to $400 per month to some “shrink”, to be able to sit in a room with a dozen others “similarly situated” to talk about things past, things that cannot be changed, and future things which cannot be foreseen. “Therapeutic” efforts outside of pastoral counseling, in this writer’s opinion, are worse than useless. My opinion is that “therapy” – if the person actually has criminal tendencies – holds the person “in valence”[30], and this conclusion is borne out by the dismal recidivism statistics. See my article: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/ns-recidivism.htm. Psychology and psychiatry are dangerous “professions” that accomplish nothing short of the exacerbation of mental illness, and the creation of career criminals – especially from the mandatory “therapy” sessions conducted under compulsion in the prisons. There is no adequate language for this writer to describe what goes on in these BRAINWASHING sessions – the “therapy” so-called of the horde of incompetent fools[31] with Ph. Ds to prove it. Anything – no matter how efficacious it may be – done under compulsion, actually creates the problem it purports to solve, even if it did not exist before. “Therapy” that uses psychiatry or psychology is actually dangerous... and this fact is borne out by absolutely DISMAL results in the attempted “rehabilitation” of convicts.

Make no mistake about it... these people KNOW what they are doing. With few notable exceptions, they are ALL quacks, and despite their quackery and downright incompetence, they manage to hold sway over the courts, while promoting themselves as “experts”. Their REAL forte’ and expertise lies in their ability to make the taxpayers foot the multi-billion dollar tab to pay their exorbitant, undeserved salaries. An “expert” in any other field has to prove his or her “expertise” by the results of efforts expended. Jesus said it best – that “… ye shall know them by their fruits”.[32] Many of these quacks publish scholarly-sounding books; books that anyone who has ever read “Dianetics” by L. Ron Hubbard, could easily discredit in their entirety. The “fruits” of this profession are ultimately insanity and death. The paradigms and axioms of psychology can be traced to all our present social ills, as well as both World Wars (and the coming World War). See: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/mindcontrol.htm

The psychiatry profession is responsible for ALL of the mental illness, and much of the violence in our schools. Psychiatry is also intimately associated with both World Wars, the Nazi holocaust, and the idea that a human fetus is not really a human being unless the parents planned the pregnancy and want the baby. Their philosophy and core beliefs are that Man is an “evolved ape”, and that his behavior can be controlled by the manipulation of his environment... and perhaps they are right in some cases. If you put a man in prison – particularly an innocent man – (they do this all the time with their “child abuse” and “sexual abuse” cases), you end up with a hardened criminal or a sociopath after a few years unless the prisoner finds Christian brothers in prison who will help him see his predicament in a spiritual perspective.

Psychiatry is an anti-social, anti-Christian profession that should be summarily outlawed in this country – and banned forever in the schools and prisons. Everything psychology touches turns into a disaster. Almost everyone who has seen a “shrink” for any length of time has eventually been driven insane. The reader may say that this is perhaps a radical position, but we should no more tolerate the practice of this satanic profession in this country than we would tolerate the public dismemberment of kittens in Times Square. Certainly, we would not tolerate the drawing and quartering of a cat in public, so why in heaven’s name do we tolerate the in vivo[33] dismemberment of a human being in the privacy of an abortionist’s (I hesitate to use the word “doctor” here) office? The philosophy of psychiatry is the root cause of “abortion (infanticide) on demand”.

No-one who has ever examined the psychiatry profession from the perspective I have, has ever come away with any other conclusion – these people are dangerous – and they need to be stopped. The only way to accomplish this end is to recognize them for what they truly are, and let the collective social conscience guide us to the solution. The most extensive research ever conducted by any organization into the abuses of the psychiatry profession, has been – and is being done – by an organization known as The Citizens for Human Rights International (CCHR) – which is largely supported by The Church of Scientology. You can obtain much of their literature in the form of magazines and pamphlets, collected together in a single PDF / ZIP archive at: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/cchrlinks.htm.

The truth of the matter is that ONE bunch of these criminals is about to “go down for the count”. Their Ph. Ds and degrees in covert brainwashing will do them not a bit of good when the evidence is presented before a judge, and the prison gates slam behind them. I am loathe to gloat that at least SOME of the people who harbor the same mentality as those who falsely accused ME, are finally going to get a taste of their own medicine. I have it on good counsel, that if the sentencing on all the charges is run consecutively, the likelihood of the defendants living long enough to see a parole board is virtually nil.

After reading this, the reader may be a bit confused, or a bit shocked to learn that the government he trusts to protect him and his family, is corrupt to the very core. Alternately, the reader may conclude that I’m some sort of kook who needs his head examined. Whatever you believe – that is certainly up to you. I’ve learned a long time ago that one can preach the Gospel, and some will hear and be saved, and most will refuse to believe it, think that it is quant or out of date, and end up forever in the pit of hell. By taking thought, or by agonizing over those who perish because they will not accept the truth of the Gospel, or the truth of man’s sinful nature and his propensity to victimize others for his own aggrandizement or profit, I cannot change what will ultimately be. I therefore tell the truth – and let the Lord handle who will accept it, and who will reject it.

The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Galatians, wrote, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”[34]

You, the reader, can consider this writer the “watchman” in the book of Ezekiel, chapter 33. I am sounding the trumpet, and I am telling the truth. I am obligated to tell the truth – especially when it means that the suffering of many others may be alleviated thereby. I have nothing to gain by lying, or by posting this on the Internet, but I am obliged to do so to prevent others from being falsely accused, used, and abused as so many others have. The relevant scripture reads: “But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand”.[35]

Yes, I must admit that I absolutely LOATHE these people. If I were to say, “I pray for their salvation”, I would be compounding the sin of NOT loving my enemies as the Lord commanded, with the sin of being a LIAR – the very thing I most despise…. Like any human being with human weaknesses, I am working on it; I am working on separating my personal wrath from the thing that is necessary for me to do on behalf of my fellow man. However, one thing is certain, and that is that I am not now, nor have I ever been a criminal in any shape, manner, or form…. Moreover, those who have defamed my good name have learned that they have met their match – legally, intellectually, and tactically. “Payback”, as the saying goes, “is a bitch”, but the Lord’s wrath on the last day for unrepentant thieves, slanderers, and abusers of the public trust will be far worse than anything I could unleash upon them. Be that as it may, let the warning go forth – anyone who trifles with me from this point forward will get a hell of a lot more trouble and grief than they ever bargained for. I am not done – by the time I am finished with the Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes in this country, their reputation will be mud in this country, and the profession of psychology and psychiatry will be largely outlawed. Perhaps then, we will get away from political cronyism and corporate profiteering and move to Restorative Justice in this country. (See: www.Net4TruthUSA.com/restorativejustice.htm).

Peace and Godspeed.

C.I. (Confidential Informant) Codename: “Phoenix”


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[25] A “D”-Felony carries a maximum term of seven years in prison.
[26] Psychiatric malpractice - a redundancy in terms.
[27] Congressman Bernie Sanders was the ONLY Congressmen who responded to letters from inmates alleging fraud of the Veteran’s Administration by a registered nurse in the VISN-2 (Canandaigua, NY, VA Medical Center) who impersonated a psychiatrist, “treating” US service veterans in prison for Post-Traumatic Stress to the tune of $40K per year / per prisoner.
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